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Hearing Protection

We offer custom-made

hearing protection,

ideal for people working

in noisy environments.

Swim Plugs

Swim plugs are used to prevent ear infections.

Hearing Devices

Hearing devices are

used to enhance conversation by

providing natural

sound quality

and loudness.

Hearing Tests

A hearing test is

performed to evaluate

the sensitivity of

a person's sense

of hearing.

We are a group of Audiologists and Hearing Aid Acousticians who specialize in the diagnosis and management of hearing loss. This is achieved by conducting diagnostic hearing testing and dispensing hearing devices to individuals with hearing loss to improve their general quality of life.

Our main aim is to provide hearing aid users with better hearing in difficult to hear listening situations such as one-on-one conversations, telephone conversations, following the television and radio, group conversations and most importantly, environments with an increased amount of noise. Communicating in the presence of excessive background noise can be near impossible for an individual living with hearing loss. Therefore, improving this aspect of conversation, is of great importance.

Prevention of hearing loss is also an area that requires attention, especially if there is exposure to industrial noise. However, sound engineers, bikers, musicians, concert goers or any individual who are exposed to loud sounds, should also make use of hearing protection. The reason for this is that continuous exposure to noise can cause permanent hearing loss. Therefore, we also can assist with hearing protection.

Ear infections can play a significant role in one's life, especially during childhood. This can be prevented by the use of swim plugs.