JJC Hearing Centre

We are Audiologists and Hearing Aid Acousticians who specialize in the diagnosis and management of hearing loss. This is achieved by conducting diagnostic hearing testing and dispensing hearing devices to individuals with hearing loss to improve their general quality of life.

About Us

Our main aim is to provide hearing aid users with better hearing in difficult to hear listening situations such as one-on-one conversations, telephone conversations, following the television and radio, group conversations and most importantly, environments with an increased amount of noise. Communicating in the presence of excessive background noise can be near impossible for an individual living with hearing loss. Therefore, improving this aspect of conversation, is of great importance.

Our Services

Research has shown that most adults wait approximately 7 years before seeking any form of help for hearing-related difficulties, even though it is a well understood medical condition for which solutions have existed for years. In addition to communication challenges, the inability to hear can results in feelings of humiliation, isolation, frustration and inadequacy. It can be embarrassing to be unable to follow a conversation in a social as well as professional environment. Treating hearing loss begins with a comprehensive hearing evaluation to determine the severity and nature of the hearing loss as well as the overall impact on one’s life.”

Hearing Devices

There are different styles of hearing devices available from the various hearing aid suppliers. The style of the device is selected and based on a number of factors, mainly the hearing loss present and the individual's lifestyle.