Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations

Having your hearing tested is such a vital decision in life. Hearing loss is such a common health problem, occurring in one in ten people worldwide. It is also one of the most ignored, research has indicated it takes approximately 7 – 10 years for an individual to actively take control of their hearing difficulty. This is unfortunate as hearing loss gradually deteriorates the longer you leave it untreated. Having a hearing loss can affect your everyday interaction and overall quality of life. The great news is that a lot can be done to manage and improve hearing difficulties.

By taking the step to improve your hearing, you are reconnecting yourself to the world, the people around you, and activities you haven’t been participating in due to a hearing challenge. When hearing improves, there is a boost in confidence, social, emotional and psychological wellbeing. Here’s how you can prepare for your first hearing evaluation:

Before the appointment: Take some time and thing about areas you have hearing difficulty in. Also take consideration of peoples voices. Many people choose to bring a family member or loved one to the consultation.

The Hearing Evaluation:

  • You will asked questions regarding your hearing history, hearing concerns and overall health.
  • Next is an ear exam.
  • A hearing test is then conducted in a sound proof booth with the use of headphones.
  • The hearing test will determine if you have a hearing loss, the type, severity and is it one ear or both.
  • After the hearing test, your results will be explained to you and if required a discussion about hearing loss.

Hearing Devices & Accessory Fittings

Every ones ears are different, so naturally every ones listening needs are different. Therefore hearing devices are recommended and selected based on the individual’s preferences and hearing loss suitability. Also taking into consideration comfort of sound and comfort in the ear.

Once fitted with a hearing device, a follow-up appointment is important as it allows information sharing between you and your Audiologist/Hearing Aid Acoustician. This will ensure that your hearing devices are always functioning optimally for you.

Custom ear protection

We offer a wide range of ear protection suitable for all environments

  • Noise (standard noise all the way up to industrial strength)
  • Shooting/hunting noise protection & electronic plugs
  • Musicians in-ear-monitors
  • Sleep/Snore plugs
  • Swimming/Aqua plugs
  • Headsets/Earphones can be built into Custom Sleeves for individual ears
  • Hearing Device Repairs

  • We are able to service and repair all hearing devices.
  • Servicing of hearing devices should be done annually to ensure adequate functionality and prevent further component damage.
  • We offer complimentary in house cleaning of ALL hearing device brands.